Hello friends kindly help me,

Which is purely object oriented language Java or c++?

If it is java why it is? how it is?

If it is c++ why it is? how it is?

Kindly help me...........

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Neither. The only language that could be called "purely" OO (although there is no "official" definition of the term) is SmallTalk.


Java is generally agreed to be purely OO since we can only work with objects in java, the is, instantiating classes.While c++ is partly OO, since u can write code without using or instanciating classes


First, there is no "official" (perceive that as IEEE) definition of "pure" OO. Yes, generally Java is definately OO. It definately does not, however adhere to even the "generally accepted" definition "Pure" OO, however. It's kind of hard to do that when you can use primitives.


True as it may be that there is no official defn. for pure OO, java is certainly not a structured language, you just can't write a structured programme using java, like you can do in C and C++ (which is both structured and OO). Since java in not structured, i guess it is safe to conclude that it is OO.


As I said, it is "generally" OO, but it doesn't even come close to the "common sense" interpretation of "pure" OO. Again, hard to do that with primitives.

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