Hi,I am new in c# development and I have some problems in my smart device application.I have 3 forms: Orders, Add_orders, Add_client.
Orders is the mainform. What I want is that when I click 'Save' on Add_orders form, to navigate back to Orders form but not to close the Add_orders form, only to reset the controls in it!That is because I don't want to reload the clients and the products xml files next time the user adds an order - it takes to long.

Add_order.Visible = false;
causes data lose in the form and when I add a new order I have to reload the xml otherways the clients combo or products combobox are empty!

seems to be ok but when I click add in the mainform the Add_order form doesn't come in front(Add_order.BringToFront(); )

Is there anyone who can help me?