There's no error on my codes for searching the Record in MSFlexGrid, but i want to know

:-/ if its possible to search the record in other column of MSFlexgrid.:-/

for example I want to search the record that is placed on the column 3 and not in the column 1. . . it is possible. .?? :?:

if yes, ,

can you help me about this. . by giving me some codes. :)

I hope you grant my request. .

Thanks in advance. . .

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please check and try the attach file.

Mr. Abu Taher,

Thanks for the attached file that you gave. . .

It is useful for Microsoft Access. .

But another thing that Iwant to know if its possible to use on Microsoft Excel. .

I mean is. . your import data in MSFlexGrid is from Excel file and not in Access file. . .

Hope you will help about this. . .



because, , i have a tool that is using for sending a random packets on the machine. . and the data record of this tool. . is saved on microsoft excel. .

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