hello every one..I'm IT student i do understand it's logic and algorithm but I'm having hard time in programming.. I do hve weak foundation in Programming..can i ask help from u for my assignment?
Write a program that reads student scores, gets the best score, and then assigns grades based on the following scheme:

Grade is A if score is >= best - 10;
Grade is B if score is >= best - 20;
Grade is C if score is >= best - 30;
Grade is D if score is >= best - 40;
Grade is F otherwise.

The program prompts the user to enter the total number of students, then prompts the user to enter all the scores, and concludes by displaying the grades. The program reads the scores, then finds the best score, and finally assigns grades to the students based on the preceding scheme.

you may ask us help, yes, but we are not going to write it for you.
start with writing down the logical steps (pseudocode or nasi schneiderman)
try and write the part that you know how to, and try to code the part you don't completely understand.

if you run into an error you can't get rid off and you don't understand,
post your code here, tell us what it is supposed to do, what it is(n't) doing and what error messages you get.

we will help you understand your code and improve it, but we won't write it for you

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