i got a big project really big one and they need this new solution only because of peach tree, tally are not enough for doing their work. My program should be capable of bulk, multiple data transfer and usage at same time.The real problem is their main program is created 10 years ago in foxpro and they update it every month.!!the reason for they still using that old one, just because of it is highly flexible ! They really looking for a flexible program that can be changed settings instantly.
Risk is, their local programmer created that program in a custom platform, he created a small inbuilt platform and then he created that program using that platform, so he can edit it anytime anywhere.. This gives me a headache !
I used vbcodeprovider and c# code provider, both was success but it is not that much practical to create a big project like that just by typing all custom code..
My doubt is if i created it in vb in normal way then, after making executable can i edit that program ..??guess he doing that within 5 or 10 min. If they need an extra field for billing then he just need to open edit screen and just edit it.It will took only 5 min and one refresh, thats it a new field is ready..
Any errors or new feature just need few mins and one refresh ..Is this is possible with vb ?? and that old program cannot access internet thats the only known problem...

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Hi Vineeth,
In Vb i dont think so u can EDIT the application like this. You need to make the changes whatever you want and build the application and need to give the exe... just cant edit the published version becoz once you pulbish the version your application will be in GAC and ur application will be looking for reference and other info from the old Menifest file.

thanks, i know, i used vb code provider and i created 2 forms by loading saved codes, but it took lots of time and coding,
i'm looking for a better way, anyway thanks man....

oohhh Sorry Vineeth i think i have not understood your question properly..
and myt have given wrong answer..:(

:), i just searched opinions for any other better way,

You could ideally make a program with an update function, check the server for the latest version every time it is run, simple check, if the version < version on the server, get the latest version from the server and restart the program.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

- Jordan

yes i think thats a better idea, i can use that, Its not only the problem of update, i want to change when they asked to do ...i found nothing other than vb code provider may be its better to stop this thread ....
but i convinced them; it will take time to recreate the program :)

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