can one give me a link or code for forum. i am doing a project and i want to add a forum in my website so user can interact with other i want a perfect code and back end is sql server 2005 can any one help me pls?

Google it..Lot of information and codes are available here.if you don't find any code then post.

I've been Googling for some sort of custom C# 3.5 forum code. So far I haven't found anything more recent than 2003.

Does anyone have a good URL, more recent hopefully, for custom forum code? By the way, I'm on a hosted server, so I can't have anything that requires changes to the server or IIS.


Lol, yes, I'm still developing my google skills :) Actually, I did see YAF and for some reason dismissed it at first. I've since downloaded it and am looking into it. Maybe I thought it was too involved, but after looking at some other ones, like Riverside, YAF looks like a piece of cake.


i would like to be in your forum

how can i get codes do as google works

how can i get the codes work as google works and to use them in c# programing