can one give me a link or code for forum. i am doing a project and i want to add a forum in my website so user can interact with other i want a perfect c#.net code and back end is sql server 2005 can any one help me pls?

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I've been Googling for some sort of custom C# 3.5 forum code. So far I haven't found anything more recent than 2003.

Does anyone have a good URL, more recent hopefully, for custom forum code? By the way, I'm on a hosted server, so I can't have anything that requires changes to the server or IIS.



Lol, yes, I'm still developing my google skills :) Actually, I did see YAF and for some reason dismissed it at first. I've since downloaded it and am looking into it. Maybe I thought it was too involved, but after looking at some other ones, like Riverside, YAF looks like a piece of cake.


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