it is very easy process, first open ur vb, go to project menu, then components option and select Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0, and then draw it on ur form, then create a connection, by right clicking on ADODC..and then click on Build button and select Microsoft jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider, and press next button and select a database that u have created in MS Access,and then press ok, and then go to record source and select no. 2 from combo 2-adCMDtable and the tables will b shown blow, select table from there, and then take ur controls in which u want to call data fielsds..go to those control's properties and set Data Source Adodc, and data filed.

Nicely listed

Try the following if you are trying to create a table by VB 6 code.

Private Function CreateTable() As Boolean
  Dim catDatabase As ADOX.Catalog
  Dim oTable As ADOX.Table
  Dim bCreateTable As Boolean
' -------------------------------
  On Error GoTo PROC_ERR
  bCreateTable = False
  Set catDatabase = New ADOX.Catalog
  With catDatabase
	.ActiveConnection = "Provider='Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0';" & _
						"Data Source='C:\TestDB.mdb';"
	Set oTable = .Tables("Priorities")
  End With
  If (bCreateTable) Then
	Set oTable = New ADOX.Table
	With oTable
	  .Name = "Priorities"
	  Call .Columns.Append("Priority_ID", adInteger)
	  Call .Columns.Append("Description", adVarWChar, 20)
	End With
	Call catDatabase.Tables.Append(oTable)
  End If
  If (Not catDatabase Is Nothing) Then
	Set catDatabase = Nothing
  End If
  CreateTable = bCreateTable
  Select Case Err.Number
	bCreateTable = True
  Case Is <> 0
	MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & " (" & Err.Description & ") in procedure cmdCreateTable_Click of Form frmMain"
	bCreateTable = False
  End Select
End Function
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