I have a Datagridview in C# windows Application
In it i have one ComboBoxColumn out of 12 datagridview columns

Now I want to disable/enable cells of particular row on ComboBoxColumns selected index chaged event according to Condition.

Not Gridview's whole column should enable/disable, I want Cells of particular selected Row of ComboxBox

How can i do this in C# windows application

Since you didnt say much about your issue (I would need some better explanation oif the problem), I will show you how to disable/enable cells.

dgv[columnIndex, rowIndex].ReadOnly = true; //this will disable specific cell!
//set to false, if you want it to be enable again!
//beside, if you want it to make look ore real in gray color, you can change the backColor:
dgv[colummIndex, rowIndex].DefaultCellStyle.BackColor = Color.LightGray;
//and then set it back to white when enabling.

columnIndex is an integer for the column
rowIndex is an integer for the row
1. is 2nd column
3. is 4th row

Hopw it helps a bit, if not, I will need some better explanation,