I'm trying to make a QR encoder that takes a text file of URLs and names and generates QR bar codes with the URLs and names. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Take a look at this. It might help you. Googling for it was easy.

That one uses Python 2. I use Python 3. If I really can't find one in Python 3, I probably wouldn't have a problem using Python 2, but I'd like to stick to 3 just to keep it consistent with all my other stuff.

I also know C# and Java if anyone knows of an open source QR encoder for either of those languages.

I gave up on finding a Py3 solution, and tried pyqrnative. It's really simple (only one file) and works like a charm. I may port it to Py3 if I ever find the time. Probably never gonna happen though because it's almost a thousand lines, I'm lazy as hell, and it needs PIL (Python Imaging Library) which currently only works with 32-bit Python 2.7.

If it's only one file you might want to consider porting this module to py3. If this solved your problem, would you please consider marking this thread solved too? Thank you!