I got my hands on the Accelerated C++ book and I'm trying to work the exercises. I want to see the solutions to see if I'm right and see how they did it and how i did it.

I don't know if there is a solution manual for it( google it), but you can post the problem and we'll be happy to solve it for you, provided that you attempted and solved the problem already, if not then we can guide you to the solutions.

There isn't a set of published answers for Accelerated C++ because Barbara's and my teaching experience is that if students have the answers already available, they don't try to solve the problems for themselves.

Typically, if you don't know for sure whether your answer is right, it probably means you don't understand the subject matter well enough; in which case, it doesn't matter much whether the answer is right or wrong. Still, I can understand why you might have nagging doubts; so I'll underscore what firstPerson said.

I will post something soon. When I asked this question I just got thru reading the first chapter and the exercise where easy on that one; I knew i was right but I wanted to see what the authors had to say. I haven't read anymore because of school work and things but I will post somethings if I can't solve that particular exercise.

Andrew's point about having answers available is valid, though. At the suggestion of a reader I started hiding the solutions by default and adding "hints" that the user can expand before peeking at the solution.

elsiekins, the source you mention is for the examples in the chapters.

Yes and if you look at what the orginal OP has written that is what they are asking

Yes and if you look at what the orginal OP has written that is what they are asking

The OP is asking for the solutions to the exercises at the end of each chapter. The code provided on the Accelerated C++ website is the source for examples in each chapter. The solutions to the exercises are not provided.

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