I'm a moderator on a forum. On this forum all moderators get a tool to help with making up requests to the forum admins on bad user posts and threads. The creator of the tool has left his position on the forum to move on and is no longer helping. He didn't provide the source but only said the tool was coded in Delphi 7. Since he left the forum has changed so now the tool needs to be changed. I have Delphi 7 but no experience with using it. I took some screenshots of the tool hoping someone could provide some help. I'm looking to see if there are any tutorials/guides that could specifically help me with making the tool.


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Does the tool send the request automatically or whet you hit copy request it put's it on the clipboard and then you send it by post (or e-mail) pasting the generated text ? With out the source code it's very difficult to make changes to a compiled program (EXE) but it is possible to the non-functional but content related (like the content of the combobox) using resource hacker tools. Also if it is a simple application I might just code it from scratch.

Loren Soth

When you hit 'Copy Request' the output is copied to the Clipboard and then you need to paste it into a post.


You can post here or PM me with a link to current application and I would look what I can do.

Loren Soth

Alright, will do. I'll PM you.

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