Hello All

Thanks for such a informative web site.

I'm a newbie to python and using python 2.6 for few weeks with no problem.

I love notepad++ and trying to hook it up with python2.6 as explain in here but I can't.

In notepadd++ at Run menu I get to Run dialog box and enter following:

C:\Python26\python.exe "$(C:\Python26\EXERCISES\logistic.py)"

but after select a shortcut key such as: (CTRL + R) or F8). After restarting notepad++, when I click designated shortcut key, a black screen just open and disappear\close in less then a second.
After that no matter how many times I click on shortcut key it won't work at all.

I can use python.exe itself to launch whatever scrip I want in command prompt like:


0 0.84
1 0.5376
2 0.99434496
3 0.0224922420904
4 0.0879453645446
5 0.320843909599
6 0.871612381089
7 0.447616952887
8 0.989024065501
9 0.0434218534453

Could you Please help me to get notepad++ up and running cuz i really love using notepad++ as a editor.

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Notepad++ isn't an IDE - it's simply a text editor and you'll still need a Python environment to run your Python code.

I'd recommend you check out Active Python for Windows, or alternatively go with official builds offered at http://www.python.org/.

You can of course use Notepad++ to write your Python code.



Thanks for quick response.
Perhaps you misunderstood my question.
I'm using python 2.6 and user notepad++ as a editor.
My question is as I've read in different web site it says you can configure your notepad++ to run python script as follow:

Go to Run -> "Run...", then type in
C:\PythonXX\python.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"
then pick a shortcut key.

In Run dialog box when I put C:\Python26\pythonw.exe "$(C:\python26\exercises\logistic.py)" and hit shortcut key, a black screen opens and close in a second.(must be python interpreter screen).

Another alternative is in notepad++ to go to: Plugin > NppExec > Execution (or F6)
and type the same path: C:\PythonXX\python.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"

but when i do that in notepad++ I get different error like: process failed.

Please advise


I know that text editor is kind of heavy weight champion in editors, but maybe you would like to give ConTEXTeditor a try. I have been happy using it some time now and setting up it's function keys to run various versions of Python was breeze.


A good python IDE editor will help you more than notepad++.
For windows pyscripter or linux SPE

Thanks, the portable python is pyscripterv3.0.1, so you are very right, Thanks.

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