I have chat application which am using webbrowser to display the chat session.
I want to give the user the chance to save the chat session so i used the codes below which is working fine but i have realised is that when the webbrowser contain smiley or emotions it doesn't show when the user saves it.

Dim strsave As String
cdSave.FilterIndex = 1
cdSave.Filter = "Word File (*.doc)|*.doc"
strsave = cdSave.FileName
If Not strsave = "" Then
Open strsave For Output As #1
Print #1, ("Log for " & getName & " saved at: " & Time)
Print #1, ("--------------------------------------------------------------")
Print #1, (wbDialog.Document.activeElement.innerText)

Close #1
End If
Exit Sub

Any help?

Smileys are actually not images. They are special key stroke combination that is interpreted in a special manner to display a tiny graphics. The same key combination can be interpreted in a different manner by different application.

so you need to check how you application reads those special combinations.

Hi Jeff, I received your e-mail. Thanks for posting here.

As Debasisdas pointed out, they are all part of key stroke events, i.e -


= :)

You need to get the different key combinations for each smiley, save it, and when called, return them to smileys.

The code i mailed u have been posted above

The code above does not show me where you are getting the smiley value. You need to find the value, add it to a string and then save it. When you call it again, you need to add the value again and it will automatically show up as a smiley. I am not 100% sure though if it will show in a pop up menu. It will show in a web browser.