I have chat application which am using webbrowser to display the chat session.
I want to give the user the chance to save the chat session so i used the codes below which is working fine but i have realised is that when the webbrowser contain smiley or emotions it doesn't show when the user saves it.

Dim strsave As String
cdSave.FilterIndex = 1
cdSave.Filter = "Word File (*.doc)|*.doc"
strsave = cdSave.FileName
If Not strsave = "" Then
Open strsave For Output As #1
Print #1, ("Log for " & getName & " saved at: " & Time)
Print #1, ("--------------------------------------------------------------")
Print #1, (wbDialog.Document.activeElement.innerText)

Close #1
End If
Exit Sub

Any help?

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Smileys are actually not images. They are special key stroke combination that is interpreted in a special manner to display a tiny graphics. The same key combination can be interpreted in a different manner by different application.

so you need to check how you application reads those special combinations.


Hi Jeff, I received your e-mail. Thanks for posting here.

As Debasisdas pointed out, they are all part of key stroke events, i.e -


= :)

You need to get the different key combinations for each smiley, save it, and when called, return them to smileys.


The code above does not show me where you are getting the smiley value. You need to find the value, add it to a string and then save it. When you call it again, you need to add the value again and it will automatically show up as a smiley. I am not 100% sure though if it will show in a pop up menu. It will show in a web browser.

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