what is complexity in c++

O(1) or O(infinity), since C++ programs run in a finite amount of memory.

what is complexity in c++

Time complexity of an algorithm is how long it takes the algorithm to complete, relative to the size of its input. If you have a question that relates to C++ (since time complexity is pervasive across the whole of computer science), be more specific.

Complexity is a word used to describe an attribute of the process by which you understand a C++ program. This process is called complex because it has a real part and an imaginary part.

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Complexity is :

- The quality of being intricate and compounded
- Characterization of something with many parts in intricate arrangement
- The state of being complex
- The degree to which a program is difficult to understand by human developers in order to, for example, inspect the program, or modify it
- something that relates to the co-presence of attributes in a coffee
- An ill-defined term that means many things to many people
- The term used when a wine has multiple flavour and aroma characteristics