I'm trying to write a simple Clicker program to automate room-joining on GArena: 2 clicks to attempt to join, 1 attempt per 5 seconds.

That means I have to simulate 2 x mouseButton1 clicks every 5 seconds - easy.

The problem with my clicker, as well as with other automating programs, is that it doesn't work _inside_ the GARENA program. It works fine in windows/other programs.

The GArena program somehow detects that the actions aren't coming from the mouse, but another application. How to bypass this?


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You're asking for help on how to circumvent security measures on another application? That is not very ethical...

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I have an application that detects mouse clicks aren't coming from the mouse, but are generated by a program.

How does it detect this and how can I bypass it?


@ Buffalo101 wrote

that detects mouse clicks aren't coming from the mouse, but are generated by a program

coming from Robot???, that's no good idea, but anyway ... just to add (or create someClass extends MouseAdapter)

there you have overRide

public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {...
public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent e) {...
public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) {...

and add two mwthods

public void registerComp(Component... components) {
        for (Component component : components) {
    public void unRegisterComp(Component... components) {
        for (Component component : components) {

Sorry for not answering. Sadly, I eventually abandoned the project. :(