Hi all ,

I'm a Java newbie ..... Currently , I'm having a Java project on programming to send and receive data between two computers with the support of USB dongles ...
But I really dont know where to start ...

Do you guys have any advices or sample codes for reference ?

Thx a bunch .

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J2ME, I would guess.

Thx server_crash ...... May I ask about the tools we need to use for programming besides the Jcreator ?

Do we need to install some additional components/packages ?
And what are they ?

Furthermore, which ebooks you think it useful for me in my project ?

Hope to get the advices from everyone :) ?

Thx you very much for ur help ..... I found on the Internet , there are many examples of communication between bluetooth-enabled PC and handphone/PDA but no example of PC2PC ..... Could anyone give me a link or code example on it (i.e bluetooth comm of PC2PC )? Thx a bunch

For you there should be no difference in the WHAT of the device on either end.
As long as you know the protocol and have a way of getting the datastream it's transparent.

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