i created text to pdf converter project in java using eclipse. when i run it from eclipse it works properly. in eclipse i used export menu to create executable jar file(runnable jar).when i run project from that jar file it actually run but it wont convert those text file to pdf . plz help
if there is any other way to make exe of java project tell i am ruuning this project on windows

You must supply more information - "it wont convert those text file to pdf" doesn't help. Do you get any error messages or exceptions?
Creating an executable jar like that is the right thing to do,you just need to debug it a bit. Maybe it's a path problem that means either the input or output file is being looked for in the wrong place? Try printing the full paths for both files and see if that changes between running from Eclipse and running from the jar.

i have used images in this project text to pdf converter when i run that jar file it doesnot dispaly those images how i add those images in the jar file

If they are in the Eclipse project you can select them under "select resources to export" when you export to jar. That will include them in the jar and all should be OK.