Hi Guys! I nee d your help! I created a java program and build it and already have my jar file. What I want to know is how can I have an autorun file where the jar file automatically run. I already used this line of codes.

action=Run myjava Program

I am running in on my USB. My OS is windows 7.
Any help?

well ...
you could
a. try Google
b. create a new thread if you actually have a new question

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Well... You seem to have everything.
What happens when you plug in your USB drive?
Does it run?
If not... Why?
Think about what your statements are doing.

first be sure that you have converted the file extension to "inf"

to make it inf
1) right click he text file and open with notepad
2) file>save as>autorun.inf
and then put it with java file and try it


you need to convert your pen drive format from ntfs to fat32 or burn the jar file with autorun.inf file to a cd.and then try it

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