Hey guys,

Tried doing a search on this, and couldn't figure out if anyone had posted it before. Basically, my question is this.

I have a large python pipeline that outputs data to be compared in an ordered fashion where comparable entries are to overlay one another. For example:

Entry 1 A B C A D
Entry 2 A C B A D

What i'd like to do is compare these side by side. Visually, it would be easier if I could assign a color to each entry. For example, A=red, B=Green, C=grey etc...

The output is very large and has to be written to a datafile, so I'm not looking for in-terminal color manipulation. I realize that maybe the best way to do this is to output the data and then use a second program to do some sort of color assignment. If you guys have any suggestions of how to do this, that would be great. I'm up for all ideas, not just python solutions.

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If this question is phyton related, best put it on the Phyton forum.

Wow, didn't realize I put it here. Well, I solved it so any admin is free to delete, or let it die.


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