Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a programmer that can make a small program for me. I have a buget so is kind of a small job. If anyone knows how to do this or knows a friend that can, let me know please. Here is the information of what I want.
If this is not the right place to put this treard, Im sorry ... if there is a place on this forum for this or if there is another forum that cover what Im trying will be good to know as well.

I need to have a small program created on python that would be able to do a number of tasks. This small program needs a nice looking GUI. It has to do this:

It needs to be able to select a folder from my network or my pc and search inside that folder for any dgn file. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DGN or any dwg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.dwg it would be good to explain a bit what should I do in case I want to add another file type. I have a small idea about python so would be good for me.

After searching for this files (we will tell the program which type of file to search for, maybe from a combo box?).
After this, the program has to create a pdf of each of this files and put them on a new folder that the program has to create on a location that we will determinate, also giving us the right to give the name we want.
Before sending this files to the new folder we have to have the option of changing the names of the new files if we want and to save a copy of the dgn or dwg file on the new folder in case we want that as well.
After this it should ask us if we want to create a zip file with the new folder, if we want to open the folder or if we are done.
On the option "open the folder", if we select this option it has to get us inside the new folder to be able to check what is inside. When we close this folder window the program needs to ask if we want to create the zip file now. Before creating the zip in needs to let us give a name to the zip if we want. This is more or lest what I'm looking for.
Please let me know if anyone can do this and how much money they you will ask for this job.



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The GUI part is well defined and easy.
But how do you convert these filetypes to pdf? Or is this the hard part?

I recommend to split the task into two:
Write a command line utility wchich converts a given DWN or DGN file to pdf.
Write a gui, with the features you request.

That is right, the GUI shouldn't be a big problem. I would do it my self but I'm really green on python, it looks like to mucht for me, far to mutch. And, yes, you are right. The hard part is how to make the dgn files to pdf. I was thinking on convert them first to dwg and then to pdf.
The thing is that I dont have the level of understanding to do this, so that is why I'm willing to pay someone to do it for me and in the process I may leardn one thing or two.
Can you do it? , do you know anyone that can? ... I'm willing to get a fair price. Please , let me know.

I for one am offering programming and Python e-tutoring in my company The Bentley offering looks promising to integrate with.

how much are you planing to spend on that.??
I need the drive :)

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