I have a images in bmp format and I would like to convert into dicom. I am not a professional in python or vtk. if you may have advice, please reply me.

I have started like this but it does not work :(...

file_in = 'C:/programfile/image.bmp'
file_out = 'test1.dcm'

In last, i am only interested to read all pixel or voxel values of the bmp image(python) if any one have idea how to do this, just reply.



Use PIL for reading bmp images:

import Image
img = Image.open( "bmpfile.bmp" )
pixels = list()
for row in img.size()[ 0 ] :
    for col in img.size()[ 1 ] :
        pixels.append( img.getpixel( row, col ) )

As for saving the file as dicom try the pydicom module