Hello guys, need a little help here!

I wanted to create a fading effect on a groupbox but there is no opacity property for that control. Is there any way to set a control 's (i.e. button, groupbox, etc) opacity? Ive been searching the net but found no useful help...

Thanks in advance for the help!

I don't know of any way to control one object in the form that way. You can make the box's background totally transparent using the form's TransparencyKey property. I know that isn't what you asked for.

well, you could create your own custom drawn group box control, that will take a screenshot of the full opacity groupbox and then set all of its childcontrols visibility properties to false, and draw the image of its full state in a loop of degrading opacities til it is blank, and then do the reverse for a fade in.

but that would be a lot of work, I love some attractive looking controls, I have spent a LOT of time doing silly effects like this. just remember to not go to overboard with the fancy interface that it doesn't degrade the applications real purpose.

Like all those video reformatting applications with HUGE animated toolbar Icons, or giant start buttons you can't find because they look so different than all the other buttons.

Thanks to the effort to help you guys gave. I think i need to research more on this thing...