Ok i am makeing a program and want it to check if there is an update availible by checking if a txt file with the version has a difrent number.

I have been looking around and found absolutly no help for this problem. The text file would be at a loaction like Http://www.mysite.com/check/check.txt if it makes it any easyier it could just be a webpage containing it like, Http://www.mysite.com/check/check.html, I have complete controll over the website so if a diffrent file type is need just say and i can put it on.

So my questions are is this posible in c++?, if yes how?, or what other way can this be accomplished?

Anyhelp is appreicated, and thanks for the help in advance.

It can be done but it's usually not easy, nor is it intuitive. I have "scraped" a website with C++, which means downloading a copy of the web page's HTML.

For your particular problem, wouldn't ftp be easier to use than HTTP ?

Scraping is a bad way to do it, but I did it...
with HTTP you'll connect to www.mysite.com then send a request for the page you want, it may look something along the lines of (but probably not exactly) this:
GET /check/check.txt

Anyway, unless you want to use some libraries for HTTP automation/stuff then you will be reading a lot of HTTP specification, and most of it doesn't tell you what you need to know.

That said, I highly recommend not scraping the web page. I haven't used FTP but I have written an SMTP client, and a POP client, and it is my thinking FTP is quite do-able. You may want to use a third party library for FTP also.

There are thousands of libraries for C++ (lucky us). Also, using a library will most likely save you a lot of time.