i want to know how to get Arabic data from jtextfield
it is writen normally but when i order to show it , it appears in the form of ??????
please help
thanks for you attention

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thank you all i just want to mention that a write the my arabic data in the jtextfield and there was no problem but when i add these data to the database it's added in the form of ?????? on the other hand when i add these data manually (in Arabic) in the database it is entered successfully i don't know where the problem is , is it from the java string it encode the arabic string to a certain code or is it the driver url to the data base which is mysql

thanks alot

nothing to do with JDBC or Java, but table (Database) settings in option Charset

check (doubleClick on Table) 1st tab is Coĺumn and indicies, 2nd. Table Options
there are Charset and Collations, sure I don't know someting which Charset is really correct (from exists Arabic Charset & Collation), that's only your job

the charset and collation was already done but the problem remains

no idea, I'm quite be sure that's nothing/there isn't bug with Java & JDBC (for MySql, Oracle, MS Sql), because input/output Java v.s. ODBC is strict Encoded in Unicode, and I'm using non ASCII charset too,

i had become mad i have been more than a week search and my hair began to fall and i don't know where the problem is i have used the charset utf-8 and cp1256 which are used for arabic language but there is no hope :(

from my view in this case is uft-8 basically for table setting in MySql, be sure that you are check and search for uft-8 table if contains all requered chars form your language,

and cp1256 is CharSet for FileEncode, in case of if you want to write outPut to File, because Native OS, especially Win ... to your regional setting, same for FileInput to JComponents

again check/set/change if is Font(must be instaled in Native OS) valid for JTextField, just by using example from link which I ...

thank you man i have solved it but it was solved when i installed odbc mysql.msi installation file it looks like magic it caught the arabic characters and stored it in the database normally thank you very much

you are welcome

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