anybody know how to load 1 column data from accessdatabase into combobox item...i mean, i have 1 table " info_table and 1 column " in product column have data like nokia and sony"..i want nokia and sony to be load into combobox item or dropdownlist...anybody help me...

Seems we missed your post.

Your code will be something like like -

Dim xAdd As Integer

For xAdd = 0 To rs.Recordcount - 1 'Rs is your recordset
Combo1.AddItem rs!Product
Next xAdd

Just add some error trapping as well if there are no records returned.:)

maybe u need member property of the combobox that is assign to your field and the datasource property of the combobox all you have to do is assign it on the combobox.

ex. cmbbox.datasource = "youfield"
cmbbox.member = "yourfield"