I need to search the pc for all files with a particular extension. Can anyone point the way ?

Oh Yeah, It's On!!!!

The Concept of how it works is this: The VB Program Makes A Batch File, Starts A Timer, And then runs the batch file. The timer searches for a specific file, every 100 MS... just exits the sub if it does not find it, but if it does find it, then the timer knows the batch file is done running (The last line of the batch file is to create this "flag" file). The Batch file Creates two files, the flag file (to signal the VB Timer control that the batch file has finished), and a results file. The results file is the output of a dir /a/s/b command, using redirection to create a new file with all it's output. Basically, the results file contains a list of paths to the extention in question. So, the vb app (when the timer sees the flag file) stops the timer, removes the flag file, removes the batch file, opens the results file for reading, loads the data into a listbox, and then deletes the results file. Whew! I've commented the code completely so you can see it line by line, but having a basic overview of what's going on helps a great deal.

Are you conducting the search on a Windows or on a VB program??

Hi Comatose,
That's exactly what I was after, you haven't left me much to do !
It even finds stuff thats been 'emptied' from the recycle bin, I had forgotten the power of batch files. Thanks again,
w00dy :D

And Hi also to extofer,
From a VB program, to collect a list of all of a particular file type in a listbox, to choose from, as for instance WinZip does. Because the user may not know(or might have forgotten) where the files are
Thanks for the response
w00dy :)

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