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Im looking to recruit amateur and part time programmers who are not proffessionals but who code or program in there spare time because they are enthusiastic and love it.
You dont need proffessional qualifications, or a degree to fill this post, just lots of enthusiasm, knowledge of tcp/ip, intertel protocols, can program in VB and C, and a interest in audio streaming. You will need to live in the South-East of England as I will want to come and meet you and you will need to demostrate these qualities to me.
In return I offer no pay as of yet, but the chance to join in on a project which will hopefully become an internet company, and for the founding members, thats you, a chance to hopefully make some money, and more importantly give you the chance to become proffessional programmers and a change of career.
So if you're fed up doing what you are doing, and want a chance to change you're life and career, want to take part in this opportunity, then contact me at
If you want the chance to change you're job, then give it a go.
Apply within!!!!!! now!!!!
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Are you trying to develop a new audio format? OGG is open source and is a very good and clear one; you may consider looking at that :-).

No, I'm not interested in helping.

I offer no pay as of yet

Looks like someone wants cheap labor. Not interested either. I'm looking for something more stable, pays at least $45 an hour, and low risk. This seems to have none of that. (There's too much of a chance in your position. You use the word "chance" five times which makes me wonder.) Sorry. I said cheap labor because I see this all the time. People approach me with the same idea. They see I do good work and want to hire me. Then they offer little or no pay for me to do their dirty work. They say, "ooh, it'll take off, and we'll hit the jackpot!" It's all a stereotype young adults receive, especially while they're in school. Of course, after I hear their offer, I brush them off like a bad case of fleas.

This job might be good for amateurs, who can get paid $12 an hour or so with a little C++ they picked up in school, but someone with those qualifications (the ones you asked) knows better to ask for more.

Also, England is a pretty long walk from where I live.

Here are a few of my other favorite quotes that people say when they want to hire me:
"It'll be a good experience for you!"
"Don't you want to be challenged?"
"It'll look good on your resume!"
"You'll have more to show on your portfolio!"

I think there are too many people that underestimate how much a young adult might know. They see them as immature sometimes. If anything, it's them being immature for stereotyping.

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