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Sorry, you were too lazy to post the error here and expect us to open a potentially virus-laden image.

Likewise, I mirror your laziness with my lack of response to your call for help.


Ok, if your going to post spam, how about you don't reply kid.

the error is on the image. DUH! -.- But you don't have image tags.

and HERE! I attached the image this time. Also, if you even know a remote bit about the web, then you know of sites like photobucket. That is a photobucket URL, so good grief kid, if you got a problem with it then don't post, trolls and spammers are not needed here.

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sometimes, in cases that you import project generated on another PC, whith diferent JDK

1/ righMouseClick on project (root)
2/ on bottom Properties
3/ 2nd. from top Libraries
- select instaled Java Platform " JDK (default)


program Files - Java - search in current Java SDK/JDK instalation


oh....so it is just because the JDK is different?
My other machine is a linux at my university, and I am on my Windows7.

Thanks, I shall look into that!


I have somewhat of a similar issue, only thing is my computer did not properly install an update due to a power outage. So after I reinstalle everything and properly updated the Windows 7 updates, it still won't install the Netbeans program. Says that it has some kind of virus and stops all together. Will post a print screen later. But in the meantime are there any suggestions?

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