sir, question.. can i get the exact len of string when quering?

because i have two format in my TransID. The one is the 10digit for the MSAccess and the another is the 11 Digits in my MySql. So if i update all in the MySql database the problm is he read the last transId from the access and add the 1 value that must be only in MySQL transaction..

how can i query the 11digit transID only and add the value.

this is my format in my TransID that i think make me more complecated...

MsAccess = RMI-000000
MySql = RMI-A000000

thxx in advance..

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    just to correct :) Dim LengthOfTID as [B]Integer[/B] Anyway selvaganapathy has given the best answer. Read More


You can get the Length of String using Len Function.
For ex

Dim TransID as String
  Dim LengthOfTID as Integerr

  TransID =  "RMI-000000"
  LengthOfTID = Len ( TransID )
  If LengthOfTID = 10 Then
  ElseIf LengthOfTID = 11 Then
  End If

I hope it may help you.


nope..that not like that.. im sorry...
sir, every transaction the transactionID incremented also...if the

for example if im in the access the transaction id goes like thiss...

RMI-A000001 'transaction number 1
RMI-A000002 'transaction number 1
RMI-A000003 'transaction number 1

for my mysql

RMI-000001 'transaction number 1
RMI-000002 'transaction number 2

now i will combine the two transID in mysql db like thiss...


now i want to get the last trans of mysql then add the 1 value

how...?? net repszz thx to those who reply


> Extract the last 6 digit.
> Make as String
> Convert it to Number
> Add one to that Number
> Convert again to String


Dim sTransID As String
   Dim sNextID As String
   Dim lTID As Long
   sTransID = "RMI-A000002"
   lTID = Val(Right(sTransID, 6))
   lTID = lTID + 1
   sNextID = "RMI-" & Format(lTID, "000000")
   MsgBox sNextID

sNextID contains the Next Transaction ID
Also u can use for "RMI-000002"

Is this in correct sense?


thx for the reply.... i already got the code..

i query the db like this..

dim str as string
select * from transNO order by ID ''''...my "ID" is autoincremented

while not .eof
if len(!field) = 10 then
str = !field
end if


str = str + 1

i will put the code for some reason regarding to same problem with me...
thxx to those who view and to those who help...


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