Can anybody help me with java code to monitor system power,that is to check if a machine is running on battery or on ac power

Thank you.In that case Can i have help with the c or c++ code that can be used for this,maybe i can then integrate this with java

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Lets not give up so soon!
Under Vista and Win 7 there is a system API for this which is very easy to access via JavaScript. Under Java 6 it's very easy to embed JavaScript. I'm betting you can call afew lines of JavaScript directly from a Java method to get the desired info

Don't have it in front of me now, but its part of the support for the vista/w7 sidebar. sidebar.exe is also a COM automation / activeX server that gives access to stuff that sidebar gadgets like to display, and battery power info is in there as well. I found jscript gadget examples that accessed System.Machine.PowerStatus.batteryPercentRemaining from that COM interface.
I guess the rest is just plumbing, although there's maybe some implicit bit of initialisation that Gadgets have that will also be needed.

Thanx for info

this can be surely done by java,all u have to is make a socket program and get the oid values of mib database of snmp chip.

Managed to get some tips from the c forum and It can be done using java,especially using linux.
all u need to do is access the file state from /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ACAD/ and use the information you read from the file to check if ac power is plugged in or not,u'll just use simple if statements,thank you all for your contribution

Thank you for sharing
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