hey guys.....i need for a part of my homework in python...to change the text in color. for each letter a specific color will be assigned, in this way, the text that will be typed in will be turned into the specific color. can anybody help me?

Are you printing your text in a GUI widget or in a console ? also what is your OS and version of python ?

OS win 7 ... python 0.61 ... in a console

OS win 7 ... python 0.61 ... in a console

Then you should perhaps start by reading this http://www.burgaud.com/bring-colors-to-the-windows-console-with-python/ . There is also a small module for download.

I also know that it's not the only method to print in colors with the cmd console, but I don't usually use windows, so I can't say more.

Edit: what is this python 0.61 ?

it`s a retarded version that we work @ school with...it`s kind of changed by our prof. :|

Following a link in the comments of the previous link, I discovered this module colorama http://pypi.python.org/pypi/colorama which allows interpretation of the ANSI escape sequences in the windows cmd. This allows cross-platform colored text in a console !