hEy pLz sOlve this pRobLem pls?. .Enter the grade of ten students and will display the number of students who passed and failed granting a passing score of 75 and above.

jonsca commented: Take 10 extra seconds and come up with an actual title rather than that garbage -1

No thanks. I already did my homework.

Welcome to the forum, Antichix! ;)

The way we roll here, is you get started on your program. Then, if and when you get stuck on something, you post up and we'll try to help.

We're SO not a "do your homework" or "get you started" kind of a forum. BTW, that's common among programming forums. Otherwise they're inundated by students who just want somebody to do their homework, for them.

So, take the lead, and report back if and when you're stuck. Post up at that time, what you've done, and be specific. Just saying "help" and nothing else, is not a good way to get good help.

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