I don't mean to complain, but I have gone to forums, but not this one, and received e-mails, and e-mail and e-mails of useless codes regarding the tittle to my dilemma. Now, I am working on a C++ form, in 2008, where I click on an image and I can drag it anywhere in the form. I need help and by help I mean step by step instructions on how I can do this. Don't just give me a block of code, really comment them. If I have to declare libraries tell me and don't just assume that I know everything because I don't. Walk me through this, talk to me, be explicit.Please, tell me everything I need in order to do this!
Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you all soon. Have an awesome day!

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Rather than working from a clean slate, post up the code that you have now. It's unfortunate that those other forums didn't meet your needs, but you're coming across as a little bit demanding. I know that you don't know everything, but in order to help you, rather than do it for you as the others seemed to do, I also need to know what you are familiar with. Have you used event handlers before? (like MouseUp, MouseDown, and MouseMove)? Post back with some info and someone can help you.

I was able to make one, but the bad news is that if you have any kind of border around the PB, there are "trails" that are left behind when you move it around (even with double buffering turned on for the form -- could be my graphics card, but I don't think so). So, I can take you through it, but you may need to seek additional help as to how to avoid the trails.

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