hey my topic name is sanitaryware and pipefitting system...
i dntknw how to make system diagrams and how to connect............

i have 1 module wich is purchase....nw when customer will come definately he will buy more than 1 parts.than i kept list box...nw how to store that information of parts in database in signal table...........
whixch query i have to write for crating purchase table...........it should be stored on id.........means
suppose invoice id is 1 innerside product in list box are many parts selected so how to store.........

plz help me....give me tips or code ..........coz i have to submit my project in 4days......

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It's very hard to read what you have written since you leave out words and vowels from words. I assume English isn't your first language but maybe you could get someone to help you explain what you need.

That said, from what I gather you need to create a project where a customer can purchase parts. You need a parts table and an invoice table, each with an ID column. You only have four days to get this done.

I hate to be harsh, but if this is your final year project and you don't know what to do then either being a computer programmer isn't for you, or you've been ripped off by your school which should have provided you with enough knowledge by now to do this.


hep plz help me.........
suppose,i have 1 invoice of purchase.........invoice id is primarykey......in purchase form there is list box which have many sanitaryware parts......nw i want to store that all parts in database purchase table........purchase table have invoiceid,distributorname,sales manager,selected parts,quantity,per unit,price,total quantity,total price.......i want to store all information in database


It sounds like a fairly simple process to do procided you know how to use the actual code not the wizzards. How much of the project have you done already?


He's asking what code have you written so far? How much of the project do you have done? Are there any specific errors you are having?

This is not a code writing service. If you have errors, we'll help, but don't expect someone to do your work for you.


create table mst_purchase
invoice_no int, //wich is automatecly change
Distributor_Name Varchar(15),
Selected_Parts // their wht have to assinged coz dis is list box in c#.net vs2010. wich type of datatype
Quantity ///same as above prob.
Per_unit //same as above prob.
Total_Price_Individual ///////same as above pro.
total_Qty int,
total_Price int,
Payment ///thier is combo box of cash and cheque

plz tel me how to make purchase table coz Selected_Parts,Quantity,Total_Price_Individual,Per_unit......hey plz help me


coz if purchase table will done perfectly than only i cn do further lik sales,stock available and all............
jst guide me ..........

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