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I have an array of integers and i need to convert it to string ...

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Could we see an example of the code you tried?

take a look here

you will need to loop through the array with a for loop

How is that your code? That's a reference link to strcat.

i have do a dynamic array of integers and i store the values.

for(int i=Count-1 ; i>=0 ; i--)

this is my code first i convert string to array then i need to convert it back to string after doing some operations >>>

plz help

Hello charming--eyes,
Do you want a string like "7456" if the integer array a[5] has a[0]=7,a[1]=4,a[2]=5,a[4]=6 ?

std::stringstream out;
    for(size_t i=0; i < size; i++)
        int x = digit[i];
        x = x >> i; // do something to digit
        out << x;

Hello charming--eyes,
The ASCII value of numeric characters start from 48 which refers to 0.Add the integer and 48,then store it in the character array.

int a[100];
char a[100];

For example if f[0] has 7,then 48 +7 = 55.So a[0] will take up the ASCII value as 55.
Put this in a loop. You will have the integers converted to string.

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Thank you very Much >>Arbus>>

my problem has been solver

How is that your code? That's a reference link to strcat.

Err, I'm not the OP... I was trying to help him by pointing him to a method of combining strings.

**Basic Code in C Language**

void int_to_char_array(int *arr,int arrLen,char *str)
    int count=0;

void main()
    int *arr,arrLen,count;
    char *str;
    puts("Enter size of int array :");
    arr=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*arrLen);
    str=(char *)malloc(sizeof(char)*arrLen);
    puts("Enter elements of int array :");
    puts("Main Result :");