Hi Viewers! I'm a Quite new to Visual Basic 2008. I have to build a database application for one of my assignments and one of the problems I'm having is to build a form that will be used to search a customer from a Customers table. The database is from access2007.

I have to have 4 radio buttons on the form which will be the options to search the customer by, so I can search by Customer ID, Customer Name, City and postcode. When I select one of those options I need to enter the phrase I'm looking for within a text box I have called TextBoxSearch then press a command button to perform that search but I'm not sure how to do this.

The customer ID is the 1st row, Customer name is the 3rd row, City is the 4th row and the postcode is the 5th row. How do i tell the program to go to that row and grab the detials based on the text entered from the text box? and display only those detials on the datagrid view?


That is a lot of questions with no effort shown. Please read our rules, you need to show some effort first please.