I can't find whats the error here. Pls help to have a look on this ^^

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#define tax 0.05

struct jitemenu{
char menitem[10];
double harga[10];

void items(int ,int,double,double); // pengistiharan function
void tunjukmenu();
void resit(int, double, double, double);

int main()
int Q[10], item,i,c;

void items(int item,int Q[10],double harga ,double total);

while ( item != 9 || item <=8)
printf("Please enter a Item No. : ");
scanf("%d", &item);

if (item != 9 || item <=8)
printf("Berapa unit? : ");
scanf("%d", &Q[item]);

void resit(int item, double total, double totax, double jumlah);

void tunjukmenu()

printf("Selamat datang ke Hifi's Restaurant\n");
printf("1. Plain Egg $2.50\n");
printf("2. Bacon and Egg $3.45\n");
printf("3. Muffin $2.20\n");
printf("4. French Toast $2.95\n");
printf("5. Fruit Basket $3.45\n");
printf("6. Cereal $0.70\n");
printf("7. Coffee $1.50\n");
printf("8. Tea $1.80\n");
printf("9. Selesai dan print resit\n ");
void resit(int item, double total, double totax, double jumlah)
int Q[item];

jumlah= totax+total;
printf("Welcome to HiFi's Restaurant\n");
printf("%d %s $%lf",Q[item],menu.menuitem[item],(float)Q[item]*menu.harga[item]);
printf("Tax 5\% %2.2lf",totax);
printf("Amount Due %2.2lf ",jumlah);

printf("jumlah keseluruhan %0.2lf",jumlah);

void items(int item,int Q[10], double harga,double total)

case 1:harga+=2.50*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="Plain Egg";menu.harga[item]=2.50;
case 2:harga+=3.45*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="Bacon and Egg";menu.harga[item]=3.45;
case 3:harga+=2.20*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="Muffin";menu.harga[item]=2.20;
case 4:harga+=2.95*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="French Toast";menu.harga[item]=2.95;
case 5:harga+=3.45*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="Fruit Basket";menu.harga[item]=3.45;
case 6:harga+=0.70*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="Cereal";menu.harga[item]=0.70;
case 7:harga+=1.50*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="coffee";menu.harga[item]=1.50;
case 8:harga+=1.80*Q[item];menu.menitem[item]="Tea";menu.harga[item]=1.80;
case 9:total+=harga;
default:printf("input tidak sah!masukkan item yang tersenarai pada menu sahaja===>");

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ok thanks ^^ i still noob on this..hope can finish my assignment. But at the same time i very2 poor on this subject. TQ


You still need to know what the errors are. One obvious one is line 21, where did that come from? Also, check what your array Q holds and see what information you are asking it for.

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