i am going to code a resturant booking system and i need help.. Can you give me idea on how i can design my database? i would like this system to take table reservation, tables orders, take aways, crud of menus etc..

u have any idea how to do the ERD of this database? Pls help i am so confused!

As example: Just ask yourself what a table order needs.
Nr. of persons?
Date and time of arrival of the party?
Special wishes: only veg food, comes with dog, needs big chair etc.

All these are candidates for a column in this DBtable.

I know what data i need i am just confused on how to split the database into tables.. cause some data is going to cause data redundasy and i am afaraid that i would have a wrong erd.. l8er on i will post the data i have in mind

yesterday i figered it out and the erd is ready thank you so much for your help