At present i have a folder lantern with files lantern/*.class or java
also in lantern are graphics folders. lantern/img with files /lantern/img/image1.gif for example

The folder lantern folder is in is called build and its in my class path. each file in lantern/*.java has package lantern;

i type java lantern/multiframe to run. multiframe is my main class.

when i want to load an image i do:

myurl = this.getClass().getResource( graphics.piecePaths[a] + "/" + graphics.multiPiecePaths[a][aa] + "/bb." + ext);
		graphics.multiPieces[a][aa][8] =Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getImage(myurl);

essentially its
myurl = this.getClass().getResource( "path") where path can be like "image/image1.gif"

what i want to do is zip the lantern folder into a jar with no images.

then i want the user to place the two jars, lantern.jar and the image.jar in a folder and it will work that lantern/multiframe.class would know how to load images from the other jar in the folder.

I run two ways. i type java lantern/multiframe and i jar the lantern folder as an executable with a manifest.txt that specifies the main class, and i double click the lantern jar to run.

now i understand if i want the graphics in an external jar i have to add to my manifest a class-path as well as main-class: but I'm confused on how to do all this and get anything working despite trying many things.

i tried changing my image path to sort of bump the program up to look for the jar.

Stuff like if i had a image.jar i put instead of images/image1.jpg, image.image/image1.jpg, nothing is working

Any suggestions?

any ideas on this?

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