i get this warning message when I try to include
the "using System.Data.MySqlClient;" directive.

'mysqlclient' is missing in the 'System.Data' yet I have installed the connector.
what could be the problem?

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You need to add the dll to the references. Right click references, select add and browse for the dll.

the dll I did add it the very first thing...that's why I'm surprised

Which connector did you install as there are about a billion different ones?

mysql connector 6.3.6

According to the documentation I could find, the namespace is MySql.Data.MySqlClient

i tried to uninstall the connector,it only ran for sometime then began to rollback, now it continues to do just that-rollback and can't allow me to uninstall it or even install another version.Do you have an idea of what I could do to resolve this?

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