Hi Guru's

I would like to be able to run code from a text file - is that possible.

Ideally multiple applications will read this file and all behave according to the code inside the file. rather than having to keep rebuilding and distributing new versions./

I can't think of a better way to explain it.

Thanks guys n girls

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it is not possible to read a code from a file while Executing it
though a Text File Could Suggest what your program should do
like if a line contains a certain word or phrase that will trigger a action
that is possible:

if SomeLine.contains("something") then 
'insert do stuff here
end if
if Someline.startswith("GetFile") then
'insert do stuff here
end if

Although the answer supplied is one way of working - I was hoping to be able to get the Application to read from a file and Do Stuff from the file
As this does not seem straight forward - or maybe not possible then i will close this thread for now.

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