Once again i need help.
I have a webbrowser
So once webbrowser is completed then it should add the specified value in [TEX]<input type="file"> [/TEX] value in php.


Webbrowser link is http://tinypic.com/

When webbrowser is completed then this http://screensnapr.com/e/LCgzhP.png value will be our specified value.

I tried using this on webbrowser completion.

Webbrowser1.Document.getelementbyid("the_file").SetAttribute("value", "C:/test.jpg")

But thats not working.

Plz help me in this or tell me how to do this in any other way

I remember reading a while ago on http://www.w3.org/, that for security reasons, you cannot add values to <input type="file"/> .
.If this were to be allowed, files could easily be uploaded from your p.c. without your knowledge.

Best suggestion I can offer, is to click the "Browse" Button.


Hmm! I got the way thorugh posting method.
Thanks anyway
Marked as resolved

Can you share how you did it through posting method Please as I am having the same issue

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