ive been implementing this formula and it doesnt give me the right ans.
is this applicable?
p3tc = ((p2tc - p3at.Text) + p2tc) + p3bt.Text
can someone please rearrange this formula to an effective and better formula. :)

i create another form to try if this given value really works
text.Text = ((7 - 8) + 7) + 2
but there is an error.

hoe you can help me. really need this.

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Hi dorothy.v, you mark this thread solved before anyone answered it.
if you already found the answer of this thread then would you like to share the answer with us..
so if other members who have same problem with u can solve their problem too..
thanks :)


it goes like this
p3tc = ((p2tc - p3at.Text) + p2tc) + p3bt.Text
p3tc = ((7 - 8) + 7) + 2 - lets say that this is the inputted values by the user
7-8 = -1 + 7 = 6 +2 = 8
and it doesnt give the accurate answer. it should be 10 not 8.
in the case of 7-8 the answer must be positive so there will be no conflict. in making positive the negative one. absolute value occur.
syntax for absolute value:
variable = Math.Abs(CInt(variable))

another way is this:
idle = ((p2tc - p3at.Text) *-1 ) +p2tc
p3tc = val(idle) + val(p3bt.Text)

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