I am having some trouble in working out the distance of each node from the starting node in my Dijkstra Algorithm code. Here is my code with the section i'm stuck on in bold:

infinity = 1000000
invalid_node = -1
startNode = 0

class Node:
     distFromSource = infinity
     previous = invalid_node
     visited = False
def populateNodeTable(): 
    nodeTable = []
    index =0
    f = open('route.txt', 'r')
    for line in f: 
      node = map(int, line.split(',')) 
      print nodeTable[index].previous 
      print nodeTable[index].distFromSource 
      index +=1
    nodeTable[startNode].distFromSource = 0 

    return nodeTable

def tentativeDistance(currentNode, nodeTable):
    nearestNeighbour = []
    for currentNode in nodeTable:
[B]#         if Node[currentNode].distFromSource + 
	 currentDistance = startNode + currentNode
#      currentDistance = currentNode.distFromSource + nodeTable.currentNode [/B]
         currentNode.previous = currentNode
         currentNode.length = currentDistance
         currentNode.visited = True
         currentNode +=1
         print nearestNeighbour

    return nearestNeighbour

currentNode = startNode

if __name__ == "__main__":

I've no idea on where I am going wrong, i've tried a few things now but nothing seems to work

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You are writing assignment = instead of comparision == in if statement.

You have to define current distance from source, or distance for pairs, i.e. from node1 to node2 = x, node2 to node3 = y, etc.

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