Hello, I am a complete beginner with writing java beans. I am supposed to be making a connect four java beans class.The game logic has already been implemented in the form of a Java class called connect4.GameBoard. My professor has provided me with the jar file and javadoc for this class. I must wrap the GameBoard class inside a JavaBean class named connect4.GameBoardBean. My question is how exactly do I do this. Does this mean I should just create a Gameboard object and call the methods, or does it mean something different. I know that this is probably a very dumb question and I am sorry if you think so, but I just really am not certain about what to do here. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated .

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If I understand what you want, it means that you need to create another class which may or may not extend from the existing class. I would prefer not to extend but use it inside your new implemented class. The existing class object will become one of your class's variable (could be private if you want).

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