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Advanced Internet Search

Coded & Design By Huntondoom

Advanced Internet Search or AIS
is an program that speeds up the search process
this program goes to Google and looks want you gave it to search
then collect a number of results (number may differ when using different settings), each result will be analyzed by the application, if it found anything useful then it will be displayed in Results (see screenshot)

AIS comes with an build in Console to see what is has done or is doing (can be turned off), contents of the console can be copied or saved


Main Form:
- In Internet Search objects you insert items (right click) that will be used to search with the search Engine
- In Page Search objects you insert items (right click) that will be used to search in pages
- Save Results
- Process: Start or Stop
- Settings
- Results: Result Count, Find unnecessary Items and remove them
- Show Console
- Number of Urls that will be collect for each Internet Search Object (200 is around the first 20 pages of google results)(multiply by 10)
- Save Content (right click)
- Copy Content (right click)

- the whole process is now faster (not ± 20 min, but more 5 - 10 min for 200 Urls per Internet search object) then the older version
- better searching
- Save Results
- Settings included
- Results Handling
- Console display

Future Features:
- Chose which Search Engines will be used

AIS comes with an extra feature:
Filter list
this is a list of Items (separated by #) that will by replaced with nothing, in the Internet/Pages Search Objects
mostly useless words like: The
this list is still sort so any suggestions? (you can edit it yourself with notepad)

- Framework .net 2.0

this Program comes with a Curse though:
it reacts really bad to the stop command.
and it takes time to actually press the stop button
but if you have Patience you will reach it so don't freak out

Download: Here