I want to write a simple c++ program that allows me to edit my database tables.Each table stands on its own(no table is related to another).The UI i want is simple.I want my tables to be shown as follows:

  1. Table-One
  2. Table-Two
  3. Table-Three
  4. Table-Four
  5. Table-Five
  6. Table-Six
  7. Table-Seven
  8. Table-Eight
  9. And-So-Forth

I want to be able to click Table-One and a form comes up to edit the table.Has anyone ever tried to do this and how did you do it?.


Lots of programs that do it -- MySQL Workbench. For a simple version such as what you want you will need to know SQL so that you can retrieve the information (table names, and information about each of the columns in the table). Then you will have to know how to update, insert and delete rows on the tables. Once you know how to do all that you are about half way home to writing your program.

Writing the GUI side of the program can be fairly simple if you use CLR/C++ Windows Forms because creating the forms are done visually via drag-and-drop capability of the Microsoft VC++ 2010 compiler. You can create the forms in just a few hours. If you have a lot of tables and you want the forms to be dynamic for each table then the gui part might be a bit more tricky, such as adding list boxes or text boxes and labels at runtime instead of at design time.