I have developed a simple result program in excel 2003. I have stuck up at the following point:

I have total seven subjects based on which I need to prepare a result. My aim is to find out failures. My condition is, if a student secures less than 35 marks out of 100 in more than two subjects, then in the Rem column Header "FAIL" should be displayed. Actually I need to find the count which gives me failures in more than 2 subjects. I have used Count(), but it doesn't work?

Plz. Help Me.

Thanking U in advance.

Avinash Rooge

maybe in header cell you can put...

where B2:B8 is range
"<35" is criteria for Fail...
CountIF(range,crit) gives number of cells in range which meets criteria

Your count usage is correct. You just need to find the amount of rows affected, devide the count into the rows to get a pass/failure average and then base your condition on the result.