I have developed a simple result program in excel 2003. I have stuck up at the following point:

I have total seven subjects based on which I need to prepare a result. My aim is to find out failures. My condition is, if a student secures less than 35 marks out of 100 in more than two subjects, then in the Rem column Header "FAIL" should be displayed. Actually I need to find the count which gives me failures in more than 2 subjects. I have used Count(), but it doesn't work?

Plz. Help Me.

Thanking U in advance.

Avinash Rooge

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maybe in header cell you can put...

where B2:B8 is range
"<35" is criteria for Fail...
CountIF(range,crit) gives number of cells in range which meets criteria

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Your count usage is correct. You just need to find the amount of rows affected, devide the count into the rows to get a pass/failure average and then base your condition on the result.

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