Hello everyone,

Many years ago I wrote a large database system using VB. The database was something called vbisam and it worked brilliantly. I had to code every line so user priviledges and logins were controlled by me. Now many years later, I have been approached to write a database system and I would like people's opinion on which database I should use. I have assumed that the favourites are sql server express and mysql. I have been experimenting with sql server but don't find it very intuitive (probably me!). Does anyone know of a really basic tutorial for creating databases in sql server and how to connect to them from VB2010? I am getting really confused by all the different servers I can set up and all the user accounts etc..
For example, I can set up a sql server mdf database, but I can't attac to it in the Management application.

For your information, this system may be used as a single user or used on a small network (no more than 4 or 5 users)

Shame that VBIsam doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Many thanks

Adrian Sen

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I personally rather use SQL Sqrver, since integration with .NET is almost seamless, and it's got pretty easy to use tools... Look for the msdn sheet on connecting to SQL Server in microsoft's site

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