Hello again.
On topic, haha, I am using VB 2008,
then I noticed that with the Provider.Oledb.12.ACE = database.accdb whatever connection string uses the bin/debug/database.accdb file when I connect my program with a database.
Suddenly, a database with the same name appeared on the lets say "WindowsApplication1" folder.
Then whenever I try to debug/run, it throws an error saying that it was unable to copy the database from the "WindowsApplication1" folder to the debug folder even though VB 2008 reads through the database from the bin/debug folder. As a result, after I input values when I debug, it resets because VB 2008 copies the database from the "WindowsApplication1" folder. Sorry if my question is quite long and unclear. LOL.
Thoughts are appreciated. :)

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This is a thesis i am currently working on. I solved it eventually. The database was imported to the solution explorer. I just deleted the one from the solution explorer. :)

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